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Meet Hubert

Simply Put, Hubert = Happy Savings.

Hubert is an online financial institution offering savings products at your fingertips. Unlike traditional financial institutions, our services are solely online. This means you can sign up and access your Hubert accounts anytime, anywhere. Because we’re 100% online and don’t incur the expenses associated with bricks and mortar branches, we can offer Hubert members some of the highest savings rates around, no strings attached.

The theory is simple: virtual banking saves us money, so we’re passing along the savings to our members in the form of high interest rates and a no-fee banking experience. That’s right, on top of great rates, as a member of Hubert you can say goodbye to transaction fees.

How Are We Different?

Hubert is not your typical online financial institution. We’re not stuffy, corporate, or bank-like. We’re not even a bank!

We’re happy, friendly, and overall pretty darn simplistic in our approach to banking. But the beauty is in that simplicity; through an easy-to-navigate website, a clever and efficient 100% online account application, and a simple value proposition it doesn’t take long to realize we’re the real deal.

Hubert is an online division of Access Credit Union. As the largest credit union in Manitoba, and sixth largest in Canada, Access Credit Union is committed to being innovative and strong in its financials, values, people, and communities. With over $12.3 billion in assets, serving over 203,000 members, and branches spread across Manitoba, Access Credit Union continues to be a financial institution that puts its members first. Learn more at

Apply Online

Hubert’s website features one of the most advanced account applications available online. You can complete the application online at your convenience. You can apply wherever and whenever works best for you, even from your couch. That’s the beauty of banking online. (That, and the fantastic rates!)

Plus, it’s quick! Applying online for your new account should only take a few minutes. This means you’ll be on your way to happy savings even faster than you think.



When you join Hubert Financial, you’re becoming a member of a pretty darn awesome club. For the price of a couple of coffees (or one really fancy coffee!), you’ll be eligible for Hubert’s great savings rates and our deposit guarantee. Your $5 share* is considered an investment and is fully refundable should you decide to cancel your membership. Share redemptions will follow Access Credit Union’s equity application procedure, which begins automatically once the request for account closure is received. For additional information about closing your membership, please contact us.

*For joint memberships, each signer is required to have an individual $5.00 share.

Worry-free investing

All deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba. You can feel secure knowing both your principal and interest are guaranteed. Hubert Financial is also backed by Access Credit Union, our parent company.