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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t live in Manitoba. Can I open an account?
Absolutely! But first, you have to meet a few requirements. You must:

• be at least 18 years of age
• have an account from another Canadian financial institution
• have a valid SIN and email address
• be a Canadian resident*
• agree to invest in a $5 refundable share**

Accounts will be in the name of an individual(s) only and as such may not be in the name of a corporation, business, organization or trust.

*Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer Hubert services to Quebec residents.
**For joint memberships, each signer is required to have an individual $5.00 share.


Does Hubert offer business accounts?
Hubert only offers personal accounts. You cannot open a business or trust account with Hubert.


What if I stop using my account and my account becomes inactive?
Since inactive accounts are not being monitored by the account owner they pose a higher risk for fraudulent activity and have to be dealt with in a timely manner. If your account becomes inactive, we will contact you to review your account.


How do I close my Hubert account?
If for some reason you wish to close your Hubert account, please give us a call at 1-855-4HUBERT (1-855-448-2378) or send us your request in writing to:

Hubert Financial
233 Main Street
Selkirk, MB
R1A 1S1


If I move, how do I update my address?
If you need to make changes to your personal information that we have on file, you can update your profile in online banking under My Access > Settings.

Can I make a deposit, or speak to a representative at a branch of Access Credit Union regarding my Hubert account?
No. Hubert Financial is operated as a separate division of Access Credit Union and not as one of their full service branches. We are not a brick-and-mortar operation, which is why we can offer some spectacular rates!

Why do I have to pay for a $5 share? What benefits do I get?
When you join Hubert Financial, you’re becoming a member of a pretty darn awesome club. For the price of a couple of coffees (or one really fancy coffee!), you’ll be eligible for Hubert’s great savings rate and our deposit guarantee. Your $5 share* is considered an investment and is fully refundable should you decide to cancel your membership. Share redemptions will follow Access Credit Union’s equity application procedure, which begins automatically once the request for account closure is received. For additional information about closing your membership, please contact us.

*For joint memberships, each signer is required to have an individual $5.00 share.

Your share in Hubert—and subsequently Access Credit Union—provides you with one vote in credit union matters.


Do Hubert Financial members qualify for the Access Credit Union Member Rewards (patronage) program?
Hubert Financial is a division of Access Credit Union but products offered through our virtual branches do not qualify for the patronage program.


Is my member number the same as my account number?
Your member number is not the same as your account number. Your member number is used to identify yourself as a member. If you would like to know your member number, you can view it in the top right hand corner of your eStatement. You can view your account number(s) in online banking or on your eStatement.


How do I redeem my shares?

Members who hold surplus shares and common shares (excluding membership shares) will earn a dividend. The dividend will be paid out annually in the form of surplus shares.

Surplus share redemptions meeting required criteria will be paid dividends in cash to Hubert members on a multi-year payout plan with the intention of eliminating the Surplus Share program at completion.

NOTE: Dividends are reported as Interest Income on T5. As stated in The Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act of Manitoba, Part V.1 Applications of the Securities Act does not apply to the issue or sale of surplus shares by a credit union. Therefore, dividends paid in the form of surplus shares are not reported as dividend income to Canada Revenue Agency. Dividends are reported as interest income and included in the total interest income earned.

How do I make a deposit to my Hubert account?
To make a deposit to your Hubert account you have a few options.

Option 1: Online Banking
Interac e-Transfer®—transfer funds into your Hubert account using e-Transfer from another financial institution.

Option 2: Mobile Deposit
Once your account has been established, you can use Deposit Anywhere™ through our mobile app.

Here’s how it works:
Open the Access CU Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet.
Tap on the Move Money icon > Select Mobile deposit.
Select your account and enter the amount
Snap a photo of the front and back of your cheque
Confirm the details and tap “submit”. Your account balance will be updated immediately (subject to normal holds).

Option 3: Good Old-Fashioned Snail Mail
Simply mail us a cheque that’s payable to yourself and has your Hubert account number written on the back of the cheque (so we know where to deposit the funds).

You can mail cheques to:

Hubert Financial
233 Main Street
Selkirk, MB
R1A 1S1

Option 4: Pre-Authorized Debits

You can establish a link to up to three external accounts in your name held at a Canadian financial institution by completing the external link form.

Once the link is approved, you can request a one-time transfer from your external account. External accounts established are retained and can be used to initiate future transactions. You cannot view external links or request transfers inside online banking.  Please reach out to us to initiate a transfer or complete the pre-authorized debit from on our website located under forms and agreements. 

Alternatively, you can arrange for a direct deposit of payroll, government deposits, or provide your account details to any financial institution to credit your Hubert Savings account.

Transfers will take up to 3 to 5 business days to process. You will start earning interest once the transfer is complete.

How do I set up a recurring transfer?

Recurring transfers are set up by completing the pre-authorized debit form (we’ll set up recurring transfers for you from your external financial institution to your Hubert Financial savings account). You can also set up a recurring pre-authorized debit for a set amount of funds on a specific date(s) of a month (or any frequency of your choosing).

How can I transfer funds between my Hubert account and an account that I have with another financial institution?

You’ve got a few options here but to transfer funds to one of your external accounts, we’ll need to verify it first.

If you have already established an external link to another account you can complete the preauthorized debit form or call us to initiate a transfer request to your linked external account. These transactions can take up to 3 to 5 business days for processing so please allow adequate time for processing.

Another option is Interac e-Transfer. Simply log into online banking and create yourself as an e-Transfer recipient. Send an e-Transfer to yourself and accept at your intended financial institution. Standard limits apply.

You can also provide your account details to any financial institution to request a pre-authorized debit to your Hubert savings account.


What is Hubert’s bank and transit number?
Our bank number is 879 and our transit number is 44857.
Don’t worry; Hubert’s old transit number—45967—still works!


How can I transfer my TFSA, RRSP, or RRIF from another financial institution?
You may request a TFSA, RRSP, or RRIF transfer by completing a TFSA transfer request form or RRSP / RRIF transfer form. Simply specify your desired investment amount on the document and we will email you once the funds arrive.

Reminder: Hubert does not refund registered transfer fees charged by other financial institutions, but, we don’t charge a fee if you decide to transfer funds out of your registered Hubert account.


Are there any holds placed on cheque deposits?
Yes. There is a ten-business day hold placed on cheque deposits and remote deposit cheques.


Can I link a US Dollar account (with a Canadian financial institution) to my Hubert USD account?

Yes, you can and it’s pretty easy too! You can complete the external link document (attach a void cheque or direct deposit form) and specify US dollars. Once approved, we will establish the link and you can request transactions to/from your linked US dollar account. You cannot view links inside online banking so please complete pre-authorized transfer request or call us to initiate a transfer in USD.


If you wire funds into your Hubert account, our incoming fee is $15.01 CDN for Canadian wires or $17.98 USD for US dollar wire transfers. Please note: Hubert Financial does not send wire transfers.


How do I open a new registered contract?
Please contact us to open a new registered contract. We will put together all the necessary paperwork and beneficiary information and send to you for electronic signing.


Can I make a bill payment with my Hubert account(s)?

As the funds invested in Hubert products are intended to grow long-term (you know, without the high-volume withdrawals that come with operational demand accounts), we don’t offer bill payments on our products.

How can I reset my online banking password if I forget it?
Easy! On the online banking portal, click “Forgot username or password”. Follow the steps.
Still locked out? Give us a call at 1-855-448-2378.


Why can’t I create term investments inside online banking?

We share our digital platform with our parent company, Access Credit Union. At this time, only Access Credit Union members can create investment terms in online banking.

Need to create a new term? Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll gladly accept your investment instructions!

Are there any fees?
Hubert has zero transaction fees. Whether you’re making a deposit, transferring funds, setting up a registered account, or making a withdrawal, you won’t be charged a fee!

The only catch being that there are some services that fall outside of standard transaction fees. For example, Hubert does charge fees for wire transfers (incoming fee is $15.01 CDN for Canadian wires or $17.98 USD for US wire transfers). And we may charge a T3 preparation/filing fee or specialized estate assistance fee at $275 per hour + GST, if warranted. However, those circumstances aren’t a regular occurrence for Hubert members.


How do I receive a statement and how often?
Statements are available monthly in online banking. They are accessible by the tenth day of each month. You can also view your account activity right in online banking or on the mobile app.


Can I get cheques for my account?
Nope. Hubert Financial is focused simply on savings and therefore, we don’t provide cheques for our accounts.


Can I get a debit card for my account?
Debit cards are not available for any Hubert accounts.

Am I required to maintain a minimum balance to get the posted Happy Savings account rate?
Nope! Our Happy Savings account pays daily interest on any amount, big or small. There is no minimum balance required to earn our posted rate.


Do you offer rate guarantees?
Sure do. We offer rate guarantees for new deposits and registered transfers:
• up to 14 days for new members
• up to 45 days for registered transfers from other financial institutions

If you wish to place a rate guarantee for any of the above, please contact us to reserve your rate today.


Are my funds insured by the CDIC or another insurer?
Hubert Financial is not a member of the CDIC, however, all deposits are guaranteed without limit by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba. Your principal and interest are guaranteed without limit. In addition, as a division of Access Credit Union, Hubert Financial is supported by its financial strength.

As a member, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens in the economy, your investments are safe and secure with Hubert Financial.


Do we both need tax declaration for a joint account?
Yes. Each new member must complete a tax declaration form.


Where can I view my external links?

At this time you cannot view external links but we have retained them.  You can follow instructions to request pre-authorized debit/credit.  Please not transfer can take up to 3 to 5 business days. 

Do you notify me when my term is up for renewal?

Term maturity notices will be emailed 30 days prior to maturity. If you have already provided us with maturity instructions, then there’s nothing further for you to do! If you would like to update your maturity instructions, please contact us.

All terms are set to renew to their existing term unless otherwise instructed. Be sure to update your email address if you are not receiving our emails!


When will I receive my maturity notice?

Term maturity notices will be delivered via email 30 days prior to maturity. Make sure your member file is up to date so you don’t miss this important information!

You cannot update maturity instructions inside internet banking but you can contact us to update.  All term investments are set to automatically renew unless otherwise instructed. Don’t panic if you forgot to notify, you have 14 days grace period after renewal to update your instructions.

What if I have more questions?
If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your Hubert account, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you. We can be reached by phone 1-855-4HUBERT (1-855-448-2378) or by email at We can also be reached using the secure online chat on our website.