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Relational Statements

With Hubert, your statements are delivered following the “relational statement” model. All statements are on a month-end cycle and accounts with interest cycles greater than monthly, including registered variable accounts, will display the accrued interest. 

Plus, registered accounts will display the contract number attached to the account and a spousal indicator and contributor name will display on registered spousal plan accounts. Easy, peasy.

What the heck does “relational statement” mean?

It means the information presented on your statement is inclusive and personalized to you. I.e. based on accounts in which you have an ownership role (including any joint accounts you may be a part of).

When? How?

Statements are received and viewed in online banking within 10 days of the previous month’s end. They are stored and archived for up to seven years, ensuring you have easy access to your statements from anywhere at any time.

TIP: Access your monthly transaction data by looking at your transaction history via online or mobile banking. Navigate to Accounts > View Transactions. From there, you have the option to filter by date and print the transactions.