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Why are we proposing the By-law change?
The Board of Directors is a group of elected representatives that collectively oversee the activities and strategic direction of the Credit Union on behalf of the Members. The proposed By-law changes remove Director Districts to provide for more equal representation on the Board as it relates to the growing territory of the Credit Union. Currently, the Board consists of 15 Directors from four districts, as defined in the Credit Union’s By-laws.

Who can vote and how do Members vote?
All eligible Members can vote on the proposed By-law change via electronic voting only. Only registered and present attendees will vote at the virtual meeting on a personal device (one share = one vote). Voting will end during the meeting and results will be shared. For more details on voter eligibility please see Eligibility (Who Can Vote). 

What is the proposed change to the bylaws?
See the legal ad here 

How do I register for the meeting?
All eligible Members who wish to participate in the virtual meeting and vote are required to register online here.
Registration closes on November 28, 2023, at 4:00 pm CST.