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Hubert’s One-Year Quarterly Term

Sometimes you need the option for short-term savings and Hubert has your back.

Get an amazing interest rate and the flexibility to redeem early with Hubert’s one-year term. Featuring one of the best rates around, this term deposit (which is RRSP, RRIF, & TFSA eligible) will keep you smiling for a full 365 days.

The good news? You’re not locked in for the entire year — you can redeem your term after three, six, or nine months (and keep the interest that’s already been paid to you). The even better news? If you keep your funds in place for the entire year, you’ll earn an average rate of 5.25%* for the year (with compounded interest). Not too shabby, is it? Here’s what you will earn:

  • The first three months: 4.50%*
  • Months four to six: 5.00%*
  • Months seven to nine: 5.50%*
  • The last three months: 6.00%*

Again, you can choose to redeem your 1-year term at any time. If you do, all interest that has been paid to you is yours to keep, but if you redeem between a quarter you will not receive any interest from that quarter. For example, if you redeem after seven months, you’ll only receive interest up to month six!

Get Saving

To set up your one-year term special, give us a call! Like other Hubert terms, you’ll need a minimum balance of $1,000 to be eligible for this term. If you’re not a Hubert member yet, click on the ‘open account’ link below.

And don’t forget, the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba has a 100% guarantee for all your deposits.


*Rates Subject to change without notice.