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US Savings Account – Save in USD!

We’re Feeling Red, White, and Blue. Now You Can Save in US Funds Too!

Live the American dream – now without fees. Seriously, our high interest savings account for US funds, aka ‘American Dreams’, will keep you smiling as you save in another currency!

To make things easy, we now offer electronic transfers to and from your American Dreams account in US dollars. You can link external US dollar accounts (located at financial institutions within Canada) and transfer between them at no cost!

Want to convert your Canadian money to US funds? Simply transfer money from your Happy Savings account to your US Happy Savings account. Want to switch back to Canadian money? Transfer the opposite way. Easy peasy!

Even though your funds are always available with our US Happy Savings account, please remember you shouldn’t be using this account for daily transactions. Hubert wants to help you save, which is why we set up our accounts to help you do exactly that! Whatever your savings goal may be (trip to Disney World anyone?), Hubert can help you get there faster.